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Do You want to Win a big Prize worth up to $ 5000 by just answering few easy and simple questions??? Then, here is a good news for you. You can win up to up to 5000 bucks easily as gift card prize by completing a single KrogerFeedBack Survey.

Kroger feedback survey at is an online survey platform initiated by the Kroger, world’s 2nd largest supermarket chain. It is located in the United States Kroger supermarket, which provides an appealing offer to their customers.

It offers their customers a fascinating opportunity to win multiple gift cards including fee bonus points, free fuel points, free digital points, free $ 100 grocery points, and gift card up to $ 5,000 by just participating in its customer’s satisfaction survey, Kroger feedback online survey.

WHAO!!! How amazing is this!!! Ya, you can win such amazing price can be yours just by giving KrogerFeedBack Survey on their official website. Also check Kroger gift card balance here.

Just you need to fulfill few basic requirements to join this crazy contest and answer some easily answerable question to get this prize. To apply this Kroger crazy contest online, you need to

  • Visit any of the Kroger’s marketplace like Grocery, Pharmacy or any other marketplace. And,
  • You must be 18 years old (by law).

So, let us learn how to complete this Kroger feedback survey to win prizes worth $ 5000 easily.

Learn how to login  and complete this feedback survey to join the contest to get a chance to win many exclusive rewards points here.

Kroger Feedback Survey | Online

Bernard Kroger in 1883, established the #1st Kroger store in Cincinnati. This retail company is headquartered in the United States. Presently, a Kroger store can be found in almost every state and city in the whole US.

Presently, the Kroger Company holds the 2nd positions in the list of world’s Supermarket Cartels. There are about 2778 locations, where you can enjoy shopping at Kroger store. It has about more than 12000 fuel centers along with about 2000 pharmacy stores.

So, it is not easy to run such a large business establishment smoothly. So, it is important to take reviews from the customers to check and learn needs and expectations of regular clients. And, since the client’s needs keep fluctuating, it is also essential to have their opinion from time to time basis.

And, that is why Kroger’s developed this Kroger feedback survey portal for clients to get introduced to their demands.

About Kroger Feedback Survey At

The main view of Kroger behind conducting this survey it to meet all the customer’s needs, and to provide the best grocery experience to their customers. And, to understand their customer’s satisfaction better, they conduct’s the Kroger feedback survey in online survey portal.

Kroger tries to get genuine reviews from the clients of their experience through this Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey. And, these evaluable reviews from customer’s help the Kroger to improve their service for an even better experience.

This survey is created in such a way so that, from their client’s answers, they can get on the almost all points. It consists of both MCQ (multiple choice questions) as well as open-ended questions so that clients can explain and review the store properly.

In this online survey portal, there is a progress bar. Which shows the survey progress, so that it’s customers do not leave the survey in midway.

However, for conducting this online survey, they also benefit their customer. By completing this survey, the customer can earn digital coupons, fuel points, point coupons, grocery cards, and $100 worth gift cards, which will be valid for shopping at all Kroger’s stores. Apart from this, the lucky winners (members) are invited to join the Sweepstakes & earn a prize of worth $ 5000.

So, to give their Kroger feedback, the customers (clients) can go to the official web survey portal, and get register for the Sweepstakes. Besides this, customer’s will also be rewarded with fuel points and gift coupons.

So, with this feedback survey online, customers can not only earn cool rewards points but are also able to tell the Kroger team (staff) about their shopping experience, whether it was satisfactory or not.

KrogerFeedback Customer Survey to Win $ 5,000

KrogerFeedback Customer Survey  – Requirements for Participating

However, you cannot win this exclusive contest. You need to fulfill the basic requirements to participate in this crazy contest. And, a customer, who do not fulfill the terms & conditions of Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey, will not able to win this contest. And, cannot claim for the prize.

So, to win this Kroger crazy contest, worth $ 5,000, you need to check the terms and conditions for participating in this online survey.

For your convenience, I had listed all the basic requirements (terms & conditions) for participating this Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey. Please, have a close to it and check your eligibility for Kroger Feedback Survey at

  • Must be 18 Years Older or Above
    • To participate in this contest, the users must be an 18 year old or above.
    • Do note that any individual below 18 years age will not be eligible to take part in the survey automatically.
  • Must be visited the store within 7 Days from participating the contest
    • A Kroger receipt, which is older than 7 days of the survey filling will be invalid for the survey.
    • So, you have to complete the survey within the 7 days of visiting the store (day of purchase).
    • You need to provide the receipt number which has been given to you when you did the purchase to confirmed your visit.
    • You need to also provide the date of purchase (printed on the receipt) to validate your entry in this sweepstakes.
  • An incomplete Kroger Survey will be discarded automatically from the contest
    • You must have to complete this survey properly to participating in this survey sweepstakes.
    • Usually, a Kroger survey will take about 12-115 minutes to compete properly.
    • So, you need to spend your precious time to complete this survey and to enroll in this survey sweepstakes.
  • Good Knowledge of English or Spanish
    • In order to complete this survey, you need to have good knowledge of two language English and Spanish.
    • Since, this Kroger survey is available in only two languages – English & Spanish. And, you need to good in at least one of this languages.
  • Loyalty number (identification number)
    • You need to provide loyalty number (identification number) to get reward points.
    • It also helps in the verification that you are a customer or not.
  • Good Internet Connect Device
    • In order to complete this jackpot survey, you need to have a mobile or laptop having a decent internet connection to fill the form online, available in Espanol as well.

So, the above are all the terms and conditions for participating in the Kroger Feedback Survey. And, once, you fulfill all the above mentioned necessary terms and conditions, you can take this survey @

How to participate in & Complete the Kroger Feedback Survey Online

There is no one, who does not want to such a grand prize. But, not be in hurry. You can’t complete this survey without the following guide. So, please read them very carefully and complete your survey properly to get enroll in this Kroger Feedback Online Survey.

  • Open the official web survey portal link from Here
    • In order to take the online survey, you need to access the official  Kroger Feedback survey portal on your device – mobile, tablet, laptop, or computer.
    • Since it runs through their official online survey portal, it is essential to have an official web portal link for the online survey.
    • Get the official  Kroger Feedback online survey portal link here
  • Get the link from Google searches
    • Without wasting your precious time in getting official link of official  Kroger Feedback online survey portal, please try to get it from Google searches.
    • Since link from Google searches. are genuine and legit to use.
  • Fill Kroger purchase receipt details
    • Once, you access the official online survey portal, they will prompt you to enter (fill) some details from your Kroger purchase receipt.
    • Enter the date of your visit at store, time, & the entry ID given on the receipt.
  • Tap on “Start” tab, available on screen
    • After all these information, tap on the “Start” tab, displayed (available) on your device’s screen.
    • As soon you authorize the survey, the system will verify all the details provided by you and then let you proceed to the survey (questions).
  • Select the most appropriate answer
    • Now, select the most appropriate answer to all the questions.
    • After giving your Kroger feedback, click on the “Next” to move forward to the next segment (part).
    • In the next segment of survey, the customers will be provided with a section, where customers have to enter their personal comments & reviews for their statements.
  • End up the survey with personal details form
    • After finishing the feedback survey, the customer will have to fill out his personal details form.
    • This will helps the customers to get enrolled for the Sweepstakes Lucky draw.
    • Sweepstakes Lucky draw will make you eligilable for winning $ 5000, if you are the lucky member.
  • Claim the fuel points
    • As soon as you complete the survey, you will be rewarded for 50 fuel points.
    • That is, for completing this feedback survey of Kroger, you will always earn 50 fuel points.
  • Exit the survey page
    • This feedback survey of Kroger will end up with the system thanking you on behalf of the Kroger team for your reviews.
    • Now, you can exit from  this survey page.
  • Wait for the  Sweepstakes Lucky draw winner Declaration
    • After completing the feedback survey, wait for the Sweepstakes Lucky draw winner declaration.
    • However, the Sweepstakes draw result will be emailed to the winner in its due time.

So if you are a citizen of the United States, please have a visit a Kroger store and get a chance to win awesome prizes and coupons.

And, if you are facing any kind of trouble in completing this Kroger Feedback survey, please leave a comment below in comment box. We will try to give you our best possible solution for it.

And, if you are looking for the Kroger feedback customer care then, please, check the below information:

1-800-576-43770  – working hours from 8 AM – 11 PM

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